The most searchable topic.How to pose for a good here I suggested some tips for a better pose.     

  1. Practice makes perfect: We always listen to parents, relatives, and others' practice makes perfect. your most flattering poses and smiles aren't just for models. if you want to know how to be more photogenic, you have to practice in front of the mirror or even in front of a mirror or even in front of the camera to determine your best angles, poses and smiles.try different poses and practice angling your body in the familiar position that you can re-create in front camera.                     
  2. Study yourself: the first thing I always told study yourself look yourself and think about yourself for a few minutes. Look at photos of yourself ( ones you look good in and ones you look not so good in) and determine why you look good or bad. can you spot the differences? perhaps you notice you look better in certain clothing option or when the camera hits you on a certain angle, or notice you look much better in photos when you smile. try different poses and practice angling your body in familiar positions that you can re-create in front of a camera.                                          
  3. Perfect matching makeup: Makeover can break your photos. so your foundation must be a perfect match. if it's too pale or dark, it becomes very evident in the photo. use a perfect match concealer to cover up blemishes and dark circles concealer hide help to your open pores invisible. opt for using a translucent powder on your t-zone (forehead, nose, cheeks, chin) to keeps your skin flawless showing.                                                          
  4. Wear flattering Outfits: your outfit can make all the difference in a photo. if you don't wear clothes that flatter your body, you likely won't look good in photos. choose styles and cuts that flatter your body and colors that work for your complexion. The most important thing is to feel confident in whatever you're wearing. it's sure to shine through!                                                              
  5. Give life to your hair: The last thing you want in the photo is for your hair to look flat and lifeless. Tame frizz as camera flash can highlight flyaways, don't use too much hair product to keep your hair from looking wet and crunchy, pictures to give it some volume (if your hairstyle allows it).             

  • LIFT YOUR ARMS Naturally, when we pose for photos, we tend to leave our arms flat at our sides, but this can make you look awkward and uncomfortable and can also make your arms appear bigger than they are. try posing with your hand on your hip to alleviate these issues.                                                                                                           
  • ANGLE YOUR SHOULDER When you pose head-on in a photo, you tend to look bigger. turn your shoulder a thinner profile. you'll look slimmer and more attractive and the photo will be more flattering overall.                                                                                                         
  • POSE YOUR HAIR Your hair is the most important part of making your pose attractive. if you have long hair and are wearing it down, consider whether you'll have it. all one side or the other. You may also want to have it up.                                                                                                
    • OCCUPY YOUR HAND it can be awkward figuring out what to do with hands/arms in photos since they can enhance the nervousness you may feel try holding a prob like a cup of coffee and handbag to relieve your hand of awkwardness. You can also use your hand to touch your face and hair. This is a more advanced move but with some practice you look really awesome.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      thanks for coming for more informative idea press the link below:                                                                                                                                         

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