morning routine,morning habits
morning routine
10 ideas for your morning routine

  1. Do an exercise.
  2. Do at least 20-15 meditation.
  3. drink lukewarm water with lemon.
  4. Do some yoga daily.
  5. practice mindfulness.
  6. catch up on social media 
  7. catch up on the news.
  8. Drink coffee or tea if you want.
  9. read your favorite book.
  10. running walking benefit,running shoe
  11. 20-30 minutes walk.                                                                                                                                               

WATER Drink water in morning when you wake up .when you drink water in morning so in your stomach digested system work properly and you follow this step every morning so become glowing skin. and you seem your problem short out you have acne so it  helps to remove acne on your face naturally.
water needs,lukewarm water benifits

MORNING WORKOUT  Morning Workout is very important for all Morning workouts not only gives you boost of energy,they pump you up,ensuring your way.studies have shown that people are less less likely to come with excuses early in the with fewer interruption you know have no excuses not to set your alarm 15 minutes early and sneak in quick jog or a 5 minutes workout.there's even an app, hot 5 fitness,that features easy for effective workout.
morning workout benefits,morning workout tips
morning workout

Meditation i used to listen to these two almost every day while i was driving on the bus or on my way to work they would always put me in a great mood.Now I prefer listening to meditation  music,but if you're a beginner. i'd highly recommended starting with some short guided meditation.
meditation, meditation music

FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE your positive ness make your day beautiful when you think positive so it help to provide smile face and make your day beautiful focus on the positive help to provided positive energy' and positive energy help to reduce your over thinking habit.
positive vibes, positive thought
focus on positive
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