Amazing beauty tips every girl should know

Beauty tips every woman should know,be healthy

Amazing hacks for beautiful whitening skin every girl should know. so without wasting Time lets talk about some beauty hacks.

okay, guys you know I love beauty wellness products like I love beauty products but I love when there's like a wellness bit into it so today I'm gonna share five products that I really really like and I really believe in nothing sponsored it's all just products that I have on my vanity that I've been using that I love Coldplay's I need the frozen from my coffee cast okay so the first thing that I'm really really liking lately is this oil that was actually recommended to me by a skinny confidential reader in our secret Facebook group so it's called solar recover it was $18 and she showed me the link to Amazon and I went and checked it out its all-natural ingredients.

 it's basically this like a yummy moisturizer that's filled with vitamin C and vitamin E I'll even read some of the ingredients Gio it's olive oil water aloe vera gel essential oils vitamin C and E rosehip oil grape seed oil and tea tree oil and it says a little goes a long way so what I like to do with this actually is rub it all over my neck and chest and then afterward I'll rub it all over my arms and hands I just feel like it's a really really good moisturizer the consistency of it too it's like perfect I'll show you it's like I don't know if you guys can see it but it's like just perfect it's like not too oily and greasy and I feel like so many of us forget about our hands and our hands can be one of those spots that really shows age so I love rubbing this on my hands every night I rub it up my arms you can rub it on your butt your legs whatever you want your boobs anything so highly recommends.

 this I'll leave the link below the consistencies right and I'm really happy about it I've been using it for like a couple months and I would give it an A+ Michael says I like to fake off okay so you know I am in love with facial massage you can massage your face at home it's so easy you just basically use upward strokes with an oil and go around your eyes I can't do it right now cuz I'm wearing makeup but I do it every single morning and if I can and I'm being lazy I'll use a facial massage err this is kind of like a vibrator for your face it's gonna give you so much lymphatic drainage and you guys know that I was swollen from jaw surgery for like two years so I know my shit when it comes to swelling and I'm telling you five minutes with the smart profile on your face in little circular motions going upward makes all the difference in the world the swelling or inflammation or just anything. 

it just drains down it's amazing when you're traveling and you get off the plane if this isn't in your budget right now what I would recommend is just using your fingers like I said those upward strokes if you can do it for five to 15 minutes in the morning you will become addicted it makes you almost feel high the fluids from your face drain I've noticed there's a lot of questions about under-eye bags a lot of people are saying to go get filler underneath your eyes before you get filler underneath your eyes I would really really try and massage every single morning and night for five to ten minutes just little Pat's underneath your eye and go up and around up and around that's gonna flush all that puffiness downward and again you feel really good sometimes after you massage your face you're gonna have to go pee right away because it's flushing.

 the system it's really interesting you guys know I'm a huge fan of lymphatic drainage massage and I just feel one of these in the morning or using your fingers for facial massage makes all the difference and it just creates a beautiful foundation for you to lay your makeup on no puffiness no sloth from the Goonies moments you don't feel like the Nutty Professor you just feel clean and fresh and rest since my nipples have been a topic of today's conversation we're going to talk about boot two so this is actually for girls that are pregnant but you know me I'm always finding weird shit that works and this works it's called pregnancy boot to bits by mama mio and it basically just tightens your boobs skin I know that sounds weird but it has all these omegas in it that just really tighten the elasticity I can actually feel my boobs tighten right away it's not like a huge difference but you just feel like your boobs feel tighter everything around your skin feels tighter you could use it on your arms - it says that you can use it below the boobs and neck throughout pregnancy but again.

 I'm not pregnant obviously but I still like this I have this on my nightstand and I probably use this twice a week it smells nice and it's just really soothing good consistency Arielle you'll have to try some through your boobs and Arielle is gonna rub it on their homes right now and I feel like just because it says it's for pregnant women it's not you can use it whenever you want you to know you're going out with the girls you want to rub some boob tube on your tips but right if you're like about to hook up with a guy and you rub some boob tube on your boobs will smell like a spa and smell like really lemony and fresh so highly recommend trying this I think you'll like it don't forget about your boobs skin is so important to skin is in and I don't care if it's on your boobs your butt your chest your face your hands take care of it okay so as you guys know Scotty Cunha.

 I think that's how you say his last name he's the Kardashian stylist chopped my hair off on live TV I love the cut I think it's really fun and fresh and evolved but at the same time I need long hair for a lot of pictures and stuff so I want my hair to be as healthy as possible but also maintain that cool cut he gave me so I've been taking a lot of hair vitamins just to make sure that I gain that volume and my hair is growing and it's you know staying luscious and fleeky as Nene would say um so I've been taking biotin shoes and also humm nutrition vitamins so the how nutrition vitamins are also choose they're like a little sweeter but these I travel with and they're by neo cell I've actually talked about them before there are these tiny little one-by-one shoes they're pink and I just throw them in my purse or my travel carry-on you pop them in your mouth you chew em they're really good they're kind of like a gummy so I take these and I also mix it with the humm nutrition and I definitely feel that my hair and nails are feeling thick my hairstylist the other day actually said to me your ponytail feels way thicker so I'm a big believer in biotin these have collagen in them too they're really good.

 they're called biotin first and they're by neo cell okay so let's talk about hair this is wave spray so Scottie Hakuna actually cut my hair on style code live and he did like a super edgy evolved cut I love it but I did not know how to style it so I needed something that would kind of give me light soft waves but in like five seconds because as you know I'm not the best with time management so I got this it's way by Gen Atkin who also does the Kardashians hair and I really like it I find it really simple you just spray.

it in your hair I actually sprayed some in my hair before I went on film today and it just gives you like a light wave it's nothing to do with curls so you don't peel it curly sue it's not super Bridal it's just like a light wave so if you work 9:00 to 5:00 and you want that kind of light wave I would highly recommend this you can throw it in your purse it's pretty it's minimalistic and sit on your vanity and it works really well okay Charlotte Tilbury is that any say it is that anything our last name you know I'm not the best at pronouncing shit okay so this is Charlotte Tilbury I think that's how you say your name - cream now I had learned about this forever like I'd heard about it from a bunch of bloggers my friends it's this cream that she supposedly tested backstage with models and actors and at Fashion Week and everyone fell in love with it so she ended up actually bottling it the bottle is super cute isn't this fun so basically this has hydraulic acid in it which is amazing for someone like me that has brown spots all over their face it has rose hip oil which you guys know I fucking love Rose Avoyelles obsessed with it can't tell I'm an oil fan and the way it feels and the consistency is really really nice so what I like to do is that night.

 I like to put this on my skin before I'm going to bed so I wake up with that dewy skin and then if I have any extra on my hands I always rub it on my hands I never wash it off that's definitely a big tip I think that when you have the extra product on your hands you tend to like go wash it off with soap why not rub it on your hands rub it up your arms rub it on your chest use that extra product especially with those areas that don't get a lot of attention so um this is paraben-free and I think you're gonna still really like the consistency which is why I wanted to share it so what this is known to do is plump your collagen and it gives you bright radiant skin it was actually tested she says on a hundred and three women between the ages of 35 and like 65 and they just noticed dramatic results so I'm all about dewy glowy beautiful skin and I think that this is something that definitely will help you get that an achieve 

the look you wanting okay guys so I told you about my facial massage mixes a little solar recovery oil you got your wave spray your magic cream and your boob tube I feel like you're good to go these products will be ones that I think you will definitely rebuy these are some of my favorites so those are my favorite beauty based wellness products at the moment you guys know make any peg I loved to try it stuff so if you have any recommendations or something that I have to try leave the link below and I will check it out and with that I will see you next week

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